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Holy Jamoly – that’s definitely some Texas heat out there! We know, you’re likely feeling this heat in usage spikes from the temperature increases – Pogo did NOT raise your rates. Since it’s a heat wave, Pogo’s got your back and won’t be asking the TDU to disconnect any customers (just like we don’t request disconnects on nights, weekends or holidays).

When the temperatures dip down to a ‘normal’ level of heat, we will go back to normal so please remember to recharge your account before then and maintain a positive account balance to avoid disconnect. You can recargarteyour account at any time but please do make sure your balance stays above $0.00.

Recarga su cuenta en cualquier momento

By the way and did you know – your air conditioner can drive a 2 times (or more!) jump in your daily energy usage without you ever doing anything. Thanks so much mother nature…

Thanks for being a Pogo customer – maybe you can redimir Pogo Rewards dollars for some movie tickets or other indoor activities (borrow someone else’s A/C for a bit) to keep you chill for the summer…

Here are some other Pogo consejos de ahorro de energía to help minimize the impact of this heat on your usage.

Consejos de ahorro de energía

NO STANDING BY – kill the energy vampires and save up to $100 a year. Use a power strip for electronics so you can turn them all off.

STAY BRIGHT: use LED lightbulbs and save $10+ a year per bulb (20 bulbs, save $200 each year) – whoo hoo, that’s some easy savings!

STOP THE DRIP – fix the leaky faucet and save money + the world! Hot water leaks can cost you $9+ / year extra in energy usage.

TO THE BRIM – wash a full load of clothes when possible and save at least $18 a year

FILL’ER UP – keep your refrigerator and freezer full so they work more efficiently (but don’t overdo it)

AIR DRY – turn off the heated dry setting on your dishwasher and you can save $27+ a year

Haga clic aquí para obtener más consejos excelentes para ahorrar en electricidad.

Para obtener más información sobre cómo ahorrar energía, el Departamento de Energía de EE. UU. También tiene excelentes consejos sobre cómo usar su aire acondicionado mas eficientemente

Tenga en cuenta que seguir estos consejos no garantiza que su uso sea menor. Si bien Pogo Energy no aumenta las tarifas debido al clima, las TDU aún tienen sus tarifas de energía que están fuera del control de Pogo e incluidas en su uso de Pogo Energy.

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  • Texto DPP para configurar un plan de pago diferido

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Haga clic aquí para obtener una lista completa de palabras clave de texto interactivo.

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